modern humanity sits on the precipice of the all-encompassing and self-perpetuating destruction of global capitalism. we are all rapidly approaching an existence where the powers that be will hold an unprecedented amount of access to our minds, controlling everything from the emotions we feel to the thoughts we think. our bodies, our consciousness, and our very existence will no longer be our own, but for the ultimate benefit of the ruling class.

if a technological singularity happens in the midst of societal collapse, existing technologies will be used as a continuation of the tools of social control that the ruling class already uses against humanity, now boosted and expanded to such an extent that they would pose an existential threat to any creative and exploratory resistance.

assimilation with technology is not inherently an ill to humanity. to create and manage augmentations cannot only allow us to shift the focus of humanity away from capitalism, but open up opportunities that would otherwise never exist - opportunities to explore our own consciousness and expand collective actualization to a level of understanding unprecedented in our history. opportunities to expand concepts of gender beyond their existing, class-based framework. opportunities to desconstruct and redesign the human body, free from the cruelty of capitalism and abuse by the ruling class. opportunities for humanity to create and experience entirely new mediums and dimensions of existence, free from arbitrary and harmful constraints imposed by the current system.

in the wake of CRISPR-Cas9 entering mainstream scientific and medical communities, we will enter an age where gene editing is a reality. not only will these technologies be used as an amplification of these existing forces towards a technological dystopia, but by introducing and perpetuating such new divisions in the human genome, they will only deepen the class divisions that have existed since the beginning and have only grown in sophistication and power. the ruling class will have access to superhuman genetic editing reserved only for the rich and the powerful, in their bid to maintain a lineage of belonging and worth to a new class of royalty.

even in present day without a full-on technological symbiosis, the ruling class controls every facet of our existence with what already exists. we are subject to algorithms designed to manipulate and control our every seek and action. technology allows them to control us far more directly, coopting and exploiting our every action for the benefit of their propaganda. modern advertising, public relations, and mainstream media operations work in tandem to create and manipulate entertainment to distract and desensitize. american propaganda actively manipulates public opinion to vilify and mischaracterize all forms of political dissent, as well as reinforce dominant narratives that allow for their easy control of the population.

women are actively being stripped of their rights as human beings. trans people are denied basic human dignity. people with disabilities are treated as humans of lesser worth. black, indigenous and people of color face discrimination and violence at every turn. the sick and the dying are denied access to the medical attention they need because they cannot afford the prohibitive cost of treatment. these horrors will only be exacerbated by the advent of more sophisticated technologies and more artificial intelligences, designed to replicate and intensify these forms of oppression.

an autonomous society that designs and operates on principles of collective actualization, free of capitalism and authoritarian rule, can create and implement a set of policies and methods to prevent the exploitation of these technologies by the ruling class, secure a set of equitable living standards for all individuals embodied within, and contribute to the eventual spread of anarchist societies.

a complete and irreversible dismantling of cisheteropatriarchy and the eradication of all forms of exploitative behaviors is not only necessary but imperative for the continued existence of humanity.