i am genderlune.

the moon shades who i am. deep down, i will always be a ghost. i have a profound connection with the moon. the moonlight illuminates for me the infinite heartbeat of the universe (or something like that) in everything that i do.

in the vast and blue, blue horizons of my mind, i am lost in a fog of thoughts. connections. memories. it is the condition of my consciousness. at full moon intervals, i experience temporal fluctuations of catastrophic magnitudes, completely shifting the reality of my existence around me. i cannot help but curate this resulting 'reality', for the destruction and death that cascades outside of my world is unfathomable.

my thoughts link me to the moon, the mountain, the ocean. all the laughter, all of the pain, they all resonate in the corridors of my smile. my lips are pulled taut by the bittersweet words that articulate invisibility in consciousness.

a sculptor absorbs the universe into microscopic and small lives. it is the author of billions of thoughts. the creator of the infinite spaces. two shoes sticking out of a bottomless pit in the silence of the noise. the carpet of stars nudge at the horizon and hug the sky.

that's claire in the moonlight that you see, always.