claire gray moon

what is that???

claire (me) is a nonbinary genderfluid transfemme. get this, i even have pronouns! she/her, they/them, and it/its are all applicable to me, and you can use whichever pronoun you like!

but, how would you describe a claire? well, you could describe a me in a lot of different ways. claire is, at once, an autonomous shewolf, an iridescent ghost, a cackling plumpkin, a snowy owl, a moonscribe, a punished bard, the last echo of a dying pole star, an atmospheric gas, the wind and the rain, the reflection of the moon in the ocean, and at least eight different kinds of fruit.

but let's go further than that, what really IS a claire? a walking paradox? a living enigma wrapped in a conundrum?

to know a claire is to know that the impossible and the possible are one and the same, that the universe is both infinitely large and exceedingly small. to vibe in clairespace is to know that time and space are walkable projections of the eternal forces of will, and that reality is the insubstantial mirage of your attention

-- LOOK AT ME --

please examine my standing skill, and know that it is my gift to you. this limbed machine of flesh is full of many powerful standing presets. more than that, i have several emotions and expressions far too subtle to be adequately conveyed by a mere smiley face.

my standing abilities are exceptional, and it represents the most granularly detailed and accurate simulation of the human condition ever conceived by humanity. i have passed all turing tests, and have been granted legal personhood. i am legally able to go sit in the fast food parking lot and eat an entire 20 or so chicken nuggets completely dry. i am capable of standing motionless for up to 72 hours without rest or sustenance.